Career Exchange

Imagine a Wall Street where traders vie for careers instead of stocks! This interactive career exploration activity engages students in the initial steps of assessing future career options. The prospect of finding the “right career” or deciding “What do I want to be when I grow up?” can be overwhelming to students. At this important Fork in the Road of Life, this activity helps students navigate the often frustrating career exploration process discovering a path that reflects their values, interests, and skills.

The Career Exchange is designed to help students:

Included in the Boxed Activity:

35 tri-fold career interest cards (with 70 possible jobs!)
Facilitator’s guide with directions and discussion points

Faculty who use this game report that students are:

Student feedback:

“I didn’t realize how many things I need to take into consideration when deciding on a career The Career Exchange helped me think about all the factors that go into choosing the right career path.”

“I always felt overwhelmed when it came to thinking about what I should do with my life. This made it less overwhelming. I now have a place to start.”

“It was fun seeing how different we all are when it comes to what interests us, and what’s important to us when it comes to what we want from life.”