Chalk Talk

Chalk Talk is a resource tool for anyone working to enhance faculty and staff development and create a culture that underscores student success. As faculty and staff in higher education we are in a rewarding, yet challenging, profession that requires continuous growth to sharpen and strengthen our knowledge and skills. The Chalk Talk game provides the perfect opportunity to do so!

Using the framework of a game board, you and your colleagues wind your way through the halls of academe, encountering scenarios demanding effective problem solving skills. Reflecting on your own experience as both student and educator, you will deepen your understanding of, and appreciation for, this rewarding profession and the role you play in enhancing student success. While building a sense of teamwork and mutual respect, enjoy collaborating as you master the eight qualities of successful educators.

Included in each individual Game: (3-5 players)

Colleges use Chalk Talk for:


"Fun, fun, fun. You've got a winner with Chalk Talk!" Skip Downing, Founder and Author of On Course

"If the goal is to stimulate conversation, it certainly does that! We had a good time and all learned something from the others—more than I learned in a whole semester in some of my "education" classes. Chalk Talk is a total hoot and a wonderful idea!" Tom Hale, East Arkansas Community College

"We LOVED it! It was so much fun that we ended up playing twice as long as planned. .. We are going to play this game each month after our monthly meeting." Laura Fiscus, Allegany College of Maryland

"Chalk Talk gave me an opportunity to reframe my thoughts after listening to other comments." Essie Childers, Blinn Community College, TX

"Within five minutes of starting to play Chalk Talk, our group was diving deep into student issues and learning strategies. What a great way to get the conversations going among faculty!" Deb Poese, Montgomery College, MD