Mirror Messages

Let’s face it: it’s easy to slip into old habits and a Victim mindset; that’s why we created Mirror Messages. Each set has 4 different inviting questions printed on reusable vinyl clings asking students to evaluate the choices they are making related to successful student attitudes and behaviors. Post clings in prominent campus locations, such as bathroom mirrors and office windows, to reinforce student success principles.

Sample Questions on the window cling:

Victim/Creator. Which mindset will I choose today?

Is this the face of a Responsible Student?

Included in Each Set:

Four clings, each one with a different probing question designed to reinforce responsible student attitudes and behaviors.

Student feedback:

“I find myself looking in the mirror and thinking about the question in front of me. It’s easy to avoid the hard questions in life, but it’s important to face them.”

“Yesterday I looked at the mirror message that asked, “Is this the face of a Responsible Student?” and I had to admit that it wasn’t. I’ve been slacking off and complaining about my life. It’s time I got back to working at it!”