On Course: The Game

On Course: The Game compliments the concepts of student success and responsibility as presented in the On Course workshops and On Course textbook by Dr. Skip Downing.

The On Course Game is a teaching tool for anyone working to improve student success and retention. After working together to learn the rules, players travel around the board to attain the requirements needed for college graduation. Most importantly, students have the opportunity to discuss how to make Wise Choices not just in higher education but in all areas of life. Students explore important life issues in a positive and safe learning environment that is also fun and engaging.

The game is designed to help students:

Included in each individual Game:

Game board with dice and playing pieces
Directions and game cards
Facilitator’s guide with directions and discussion points

Faculty who use The On Course Game report that students are more:

Student feedback:

“The On Course Game was a fun way to reinforce what we’ve learned in class.”

“It was great hearing how other people would deal with difficult situations; it made me think about other options I have.”

“I realized that I can easily fall into complaining about my life, rather than taking actions to improve it.”