The Ring Toss Game

Experience the Power of the Three-Foot Toss

A new spin on a classic game makes for one powerful teaching tool! Use the MYndworks Ring Toss to help students experience the life lesson of successful goal achievement with the simple, but powerful experience of the Graduation Game, as demonstrated in the On Course workshop training.

The game is designed to help students:

Included in the Boxed Game:

Wooden base with three rings
Removable floor markings to mark off 3 foot intervals
50 post-it notes with a reminder for the Next Action Step!
Game directions and discussion points

Faculty who use this game report that students are:

Student feedback:

“It made me realize that I wasn’t being realistic about how much I could accomplish in one step. I tend to overestimate what I can do, and end up feeling overwhelmed. I’m going to take smaller “tosses” from now on.”

“I realized that I often take “30 foot tosses” in life because they seem more challenging. I end up cramming the night before a test, or writing a paper at the last minute. This helped me see that I often “miss” the 30 foot toss, and don’t get the results I wanted.”

“I have an English paper due in two weeks. Usually I would wait until two days before and attempt two 15 foot tosses. Instead I’m going to start today and take my first 3 foot toss by going to the library to start my research. This is all new to me. ”