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Feedback from Faculty:

"My students love to play the On Course Game of Student Success. One class asked to play right through the following lunch hour! I love the laughter and good natured sharing of challenges, frustrations and yes, triumphs too!"

- Paula Ford, Penn State, Altoona, PA

"I love these games - I use them all! From the Ring Toss, to the On Course Game (and the Mirror Messages too) they keep students engaged and attentive."

- Gail Janeka, The Victoria College, TX

"I had a very quiet class and the Career Exchange provided a way for students to share comfortably with each other and begin the sometimes daunting career exploration process."

- Pam S. Detroit, MI.

"I used the Career Exchange with my class and it worked great. The students really got into it and I think it opened some eyes as to the process of finding a career goal. It was a great way to start a couple classes on careers."

- Ross Smith, West Valley College, CA

Student Feedback:

“The On Course game was a fun way to reinforce what we’ve learned in class.”

“It was great hearing how other people would deal with difficult situations; it made me think about other options I have.”

“I realized that I can easily fall into complaining about my life, rather than taking actions to improve it.”

“The Ring Toss game helped me realize that I wasn’t being realistic about how much I could accomplish in one step. I tend to overestimate what I can do, and end up feeling overwhelmed. I’m going to take smaller “tosses” from now on.” -Kyle

“I realized that I often take “30 foot tosses” in life because they seem more challenging. I end up cramming the night before a test, or writing a paper at the last minute. This helped me see that I often “miss” the 30 foot toss, and don’t get the results I wanted.”

“I have an English paper due in two weeks. Usually I would wait until two days before and attempt two 15 foot tosses. Instead I’m going to start today and take my first 3 foot toss by going to the library to start my research. This is all new to me. ”

“Yesterday I looked at the mirror message that asked, “Is this the face of a Responsible Student?” and I had to admit that it wasn’t. I’ve been slacking off and complaining about my life. It’s time I got back to working at it!”

“I didn’t realize how many things I need to take into consideration when deciding on a career. The Career Exchange helped me think about all the factors that go into choosing the right career path.”